Entry #1


2015-09-21 22:48:43 by Hannahh

Hello Stranger!

I make animations for YouTube and Newgrounds. Keep in mind that im still in school so animations will take a bit longer than usual. I'm still a bit new to animating but I am familiar to it so my animations will not be the best for now.

I use flash 8 and I also have a wacom graphics tablet but no microphone :(

I'm sure ill be getting one soon but for now enjoy my content! (:



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2015-09-23 10:26:37

I hope it isn't too late to welcome you to Newgrounds!

Hannahh responds:

Thank you!! And it's not too late I started yesterday


2015-09-23 12:06:41

So how do you find this place so far?

Hannahh responds:

I love newgrounds it's a great place to look at people's videos/games and brighten up someone's day by making content


2015-09-23 14:53:50

Welcome to NG!

Hannahh responds:

Thanks Tom!


2015-09-25 10:56:20

With your first submission being quite a success,why not use some ideas as a comic series and animate the rest?Kind of killing two birds with one stone because you get to be in the Movies and Art Portals(if you are scouted as an artist.)

Hannahh responds:

Good idea! I never knew you could do that. Thanks for the tip!


2015-09-25 21:38:02

Ah,it's nothing really and though I'm as as old as this site,I still have to learn.It's going to take more time but it will be worth it,so I wish you all the best!

Hannahh responds:

Thank you! I appreciate it


2015-09-29 09:43:04

How's it going?